A successful career in Chicago, first as a graphic designer, then as an advertising art director, has given me the opportunity to travel extensively. I\'m still stunned by the impact these experiences have had on my perspective of the world. The tremendous modern art in the museums and galleries visited in Spain especially, gave me an overwhelming urge to finally express myself as a painter. The abstract expressionist approach my work takes, greatly influenced by Spanish artists, gives me the freedom to explore an idea on many levels simultaneously. The modern world allows one to share common interests with a global community in a way not possible in the past. Through my involvement with an internet group that has its common ground in the band The Rolling Stones, I have not only travelled to places I might not have ever thought of going, but while there, have been able to meet people who live in these places and gain a clearer understanding of the world through this personal contact. This connectivity and commonality among people all over the world, is what my paintings celebrate.

Deborah White